How to ROOT Android Device (ANY) ? – Android Root Tool

Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google.

This operating system is already leading the market. People are enjoying this operating system very much. There are many custom ROMs available for different Android smartphone and different Android versions. To install custom ROM (mods) one needs to root his or her Android device. There are many people out there who wants to ROOT their Android phone but they think it’s very tech-savvy but the truth is it’s not. There are many software out there which can ROOT your Android phone in just one click. You just need simple settings change in your device and it’s all done.

Warning:  To be honest, there is NO big risk. But it’s a formality and I have to say this:

Please follow the guide when you completely understand the risk of having a bricked phone at the end. It’s nothing but hacking your phone and system (root) files, if done improperly, it can harm your phone. I will not be responsible if you brick your phone during rooting your device according to the following instructions (but there is a way to unbrick your phone, I have bricked my phone many times, but unbricked them easily, will share the instructions soon).

ROOT Device with Unlock Root

Unlock Root

Unlock ROOT is a simple tool which can unlock most of the devices and most of Android versions. The tool can Unroot your device as well, again, in a single click.

Compatible with:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8 (I have tried it on Windows 8 with my Sony Ericsson W8)

How to ROOT Android Device with Unlock Root tool?

Note: You may need to download USB driver for your phone before you can use Unlock Root or any other Root Tool. Most of the popular branded phones work without installing these drivers. But if you don’t get it then try installing driver of your phone.
Rooting will most likely void your phone’s warranty.


Step 1: Download Unlock Root tool from its website, here.

Step 2 : Enable USB debugging in your Android Device. To do that, open Settings>Applications>Development>check USB debugging.



Step 3 : Connect your Android phone to your PC using USB cable.

Step 4 : Run Unlock Root Tool .exe file you just downloaded and install it.

Step  5 : Click on ROOT button and select your detected device.

You will see it will start the rooting process. It may take some time. It will show the information under the BIG ROOT button.

Step 6 : After a while a box will pop up showing the device needs to be rebooted to complete the rooting process. Hit “Yes” to reboot your device.

Voila! Your phone has been rooted now and ready for installation of custom ROMs and mods.

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